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Small twin stick arcade-like shooter made over a weekend by a team of 6 students with differing levels of gamedev experience, and for some, their first game project.

The game is set inside a kindergarten where you, our protagonist toddler, fight off the so-called cultist children in the kindergarten with your handy slingshot and pillow forts - see for how long you can keep the evil-worshipping cultist babies at bay.

Your slingshot has a charge-up mechanic, meaning that it does more damage, the longer you charge it for, while your build mechanic has a slight cost of your score, but might save you, if you use it wisely.

The game should be played with a mouse and keyboard.

Left-click and hold to charge-up, release to shoot.
Hold space and Right-click to build in front of you.


KCM.zip 88 MB

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